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My name is Catherine and I am an Independent Travel Agent based in North Wales. 

I have specialised in certain areas of the travelling industry, scroll down take a peak! If you are interested in booking a holiday or just a quote, get in touch and I can't wait to plan your dream holiday together for an amazing price.

Remember: you're booking through a human rather than a computer search engine and with that comes benefits, such as upgrades, extra discounts and special gifts from myself as a thank you for supporting a small and local business.


Love to travel? But have no-one to join you? Or no friends with the same passion for travel? Maybe you're a bit anxious about going alone. You have come to the right place! 

Below on the 'Enquire Now' button you can register your interest and the places you're desperate to visit and you'll be teamed up with like-minded people and for an amazing price. On tour, you'll discover breath taking parts of the world while making friends for life.

I'll always be on hand to contact wherever you are in the world to help make you feel a little more secure, and hey: you're booking with an Independent Travel Agent so expect a little more personal touch to your trip

I can't wait to meet you and see your amazing solo travel photographs. Exciting times head!

Loving Couple

First of all - congratulations! You're getting married! 

If you are exploring options for your perfect once-in-a-lifetime trip away to paradise with your other half then you are in very safe hands. I specialise in planning Honeymoons alongside my certificates for handpicking holidays with TUI and specialist area certificates with the likes of the Bahamas and Hawaii.

Let's arrange a chat to see what you're after and how I can assist you. Take some stress out of your wedding planning by letting me build your perfect package and we can make alterations if necessary. With booking through me, you can expect a unique touch to your honeymoon which will leaving lasting, special memories forever. 

To arrange an informal chat, hit the 'Enquire Now' button below and fill out the form to get in touch. I'm excited to chat to you both and hear the proposal story!

cruise ship on island

Ahoy hoy! Ready to hit the seas?


Whether you've been abroad before or this is your first time - welcome! What an amazing way to travel. Multiple stops in amazing parts of the world, while enjoying extraordinary entertainment sailing the sea the entire way! 

I am linked to many famous cruise line brands so once we become familiar with the type of ship you want, you'll be spoilt for choice! But that's always a good thing, it means we can find amazing prices for the best value

Hit the 'Enquire Now' button below and fill out the form to arrange a chat with me so we can plan your perfect cruise getaway. If you're a regular to the cruise ship lifestyle, and you like to go with the same ship/ brand each time, then don't worry - it's likely I'm linked up with them already and qualify for greater rates to present to you. I'm excited to book your cabin sailor!

Summer Girls

Hey girl - imagine this: the sun is setting over a crystal clear, turquoise blue sea. You are holding an ice cold, strawberry flavoured cocktail in one hand and the other is up in the air, dancing along to chilled beach music. You are with your best girlfriends, laughing, dancing, completely care free and life in this very moment feels just right. Sounds good right? Let's make the vision a memory.


Whatever the budget, 2* hotels or 5* Love Island themed villa holidays, we can create whatever you and your girlfriends want. Elect a Queen B for your group to report to me and I can create and deliver two or three separate quotes and you can all agree which is the perfect quote and best suited for your girls.  

You're booking through a fellow girl who loves girlfriend time so ensuring you get the mot out of your holiday for the best price is my passion. Remember: unlike a computer, I can use my human charm to upgrade, get freebies and add special treats which makes your holiday beautifully unique and one to remember. Hit the 'Enquire Now' button below to start the process of getting one step closer to your girly holiday.

Rooftop Party

Boys will be boys. Believe it or not, I know what goes down on a lads holiday and the vibes are great

Are you and your boys ready to have a break and enjoy the sunshine somewhere exotic? Maybe it's time to discover what the party life is really like in Ibiza or Miami Beach. However you decide to live your time away, I can design your trip for you to save you all time on trying to settle to find the perfect holiday between you all. I will speak to the 'main man' of the group who will communicate what you all desire and once I've created the perfect package, I will deliver two or three options to ensure full satisfaction is met. 

If you click the 'Enquire Now' button below and fill out the form, I will be in touch with your elected 'main man' and the process will begin to create the best lads holiday ever, and trust me, it'll be one to remember. Don't forget, you're booking through a human and not a computer, so expect extra treats that a computer simply cannot provide. 

Family in Pool

Ready to create amazing, lasting memories with your little one(s), and fun for the entire family? Great! I can't wait to plan with you. 

Whatever part of the world you want to explore and introduce to your family I'd be honoured to create your family package and get you there safely, followed by the perfect holiday suited to you. Whether its a chilled week away on the Spanish beaches, or an activity filled trip in Orlando to all of its extraordinary family attractions. Perhaps you're ready to travel some miles and have a cycling and hiking holiday around France.  

Whatever you're ready for: I'll ensure you get the best rates and all the knowledge on the area to make sure you don't miss any hidden gems that your family would love and remember forever. If you hit the 'Enquire Now' button below, you can fill out the simple form and let me do all the hard work for you. Sit back, relax, enjoy your family tie and let me deliver your perfect holiday around your schedule

EU and British Flag

The United Kingdom has so many hidden gems, so making a holiday in the UK isn't a hard job. There is so much variety from cycling and hiking paths all around the Lake District and the highlands in Scotland. Or perhaps you're after landmarks and instagram-able scenes - London would be the ideal spot. Even for coast lines, Britain is the host for some extraordinary views, with the likes of Cornwall and North Wales coastal lines

If you're ready to pack up a bag and head off in your car or away on the train, hit the 'Enquire Now' button below and submit your future plans. I'm connected with some amazing brands who work solely in the United Kingdom to deliver the best package and value for money. 

Gay Pride

Ready for a uniquecolourful and unforgettable trip away to a destination that prides itself in supporting the LGBTQ community? Florida has some amazing spots which host legendary Pride Events such as the St. Pete Pride Weekend in June in Tampa Bay or the Miami Beach Pride in April.

There are so many other parts of the world that are LGBTQ friendly and I strive to keep everyone safe when they are abroad. If you hit the 'Enquire Now' button below and submit your holiday plans, I will get in touch with you to arrange an informal chat and see where your amazing, new adventure will begin. I can't wait to see your holiday snaps!

Eiffel Tower Paris

Need a short break away from the day to day? Our neighbours over the water have amazing destinations to visit, unique cultures to dive into and amazing people to meet. It's so easy to get there too, so why not spend our long weekend in the likes of Paris or Barcelona aye? 

I am partnered up with many suppliers who specialise in weekend packages away so if you're unsure on exactly where you want to go, but just know you want to go, I can find you an amazing selection of deals for great destinations leaving you spoilt for choice and planning future weekend trips away to fit all the tours in to your yearly diary. 

Click the 'Enquire Now' button below and fill out the form with your interests and Ill get back to you to arrange a chat.

Girls Partying

To the Bride: this is your time. The package is designed for you so I will strive to ensure everything you want from your chosen destination is fulfilled to the best standard. Your time away with your best friends needs to spark lasting memories that you'll carry forever, lots of those: "do you remember when...?" moments. 

Modern day Hen Do's are extremely diverse these days but whatever you or your bride wants, I will create it. Whether it be one last, major party weekend in Ibiza, or an intense shopping trip around New York City. Maybe its the opposite, and you just want to put your feet up and enjoy the sunshine and a pamper in a spa, Costa Rica has amazing stops for relaxation, as well as naturally heated lagoons.  

Delivering a Hen Do and pleasing everyone is a very difficult job that's why I'm here to help and to ease the stress. I will either work with the bride direct or someone she has appointed to handle the Hen Do, usually the Maid of Honour. If you hit the 'Enquire Now' button below and fill out the form, I will get back to you and we can get the show on the road. How exciting!

Bachelor Party Tailgate

To the groom: are you ready for one, last big trip away with your boys before the big day? However you plan your stag do to look, the world is your oyster. 

Wedding planning can be stressful enough without having to worry about your stag do plans, so a way forward to simplify the trip for you, is for you to nominate a 'main man' for me to go to with travel arrangements, booking quotes and travel dates. Also, a surprise usually adds so much more to the fun of your trip. 

Stag Do's nowadays are very diverse and there are so many avenues we can explore. Whatever interests you have: water sports, sightseeing, island hopping, partying and/ or an all inclusive holiday with tons of variety. Either way, your perfect package plan can be put together at your request - you don't even have to do any planning, searching or time wasting! 

To get started, just hit the 'Enquire Now' button below and complete and submit the booking form for a callback and an informal chat to get your quote built together. The best days of your life are still ahead of you!


Ready to hit the slopes and ski your way down in style? Or maybe you want to sit back and relax at new heights on a ski lift and embrace all the beautiful, snow filled scenery around you. 

There are many ways to make Ski holidays unique to you and your family/ party. I am teamed up with excellent brands who specialise in offering the best locations and ski slopes, alongside quirky and authentic accommodation for funky Ski holidays with glorious glass roofs so you can enjoy the starlight night sky. Or if you want the regular hotel style, we can do that too.

Whatever your heart desires, pack your jumper and jacket - hit the 'Enquire Now' button below and submit a travel request form for a call back.