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Our Story

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How our promise will fulfil your paradise dream into a reality


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Hey, I'm Catherine...

I LOVE to travel and I have always wanted my own business. In January 2021, I decided: It's time to make this all happen. The pandemic had given me more time on my hands and I decided to get creative! 


Cloud9 With Catherine was originally created to be the home to the travel agency side of the business only. However we quickly expanded to create The Cloud Nine Collection, which is our range of travel themed and inspired products to help enhance your holiday experience. Of course, every item has the Cloud Nine touch on them with the beautiful and vibrant water colours, standout prints and unique products.


Our Mission to you:

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Originally when we launched Cloud9 With Catherine we weren't too sure which direction we wanted the travel agency to go in. However, it took its own natural trail towards Solo Travellers and Honeymooners

We connect to local Sixth Forms and Colleges and Catherine delivers a presentation all about solo travel. We encourage gap years and investing money into travel experiences to gain life skills. We are connected to five major brands which are leading the travel industry for solo tours all over the world. As we are an agency, there is no pressure to buy our product - we are connected to five different companies who offer incredibly unique tours which means we can tailor your tour to you!

We also attend wedding fairs and set up our own stall! Wedding Fairs are the perfect place to meet honeymooners and discuss all their options for how we can help ease stress towards their big day

The Cloud9 With Catherine has a £0 service fee and saves our clients lots of time as the only requirement from them is the booking form and from there, we do all the hard work!

Palm Trees on a Beach
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I was upset because I'd spent a lot of money to join this agency as there was a service fee.I felt robbed of my actual money and robbed of an experience which should've made my travels easier. My arrival to America was really stressful when it should've been one of the best days of my life.

I wanted to be the change. My sister got married in September 2019 and was unable to go on her honeymoon due to many reasons: weather, airport strikes and medical! She was really disappointed as she had the Bahamas in sight. The first holiday package I designed was for my sister and brother-in-law. 

I was able to change the game. I provided a service free of charge which saved them, both money and time. I used my skills and knowledge which I'd gathered from courses I'd studied while setting up the business and as a way to say a real thank you, I delivered a free gift which was specific to their honeymoon destination to help excite them for their big day. From this moment on, I knew what I was supposed to do with my time and help make other peoples special trips extraordinary." 

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Our Story:

Cloud9 With Catherine: 

This is where it all began for us. We were living in a travel crisis. Flights were banned, the world was quarantining and people didn't feel safe to travel. Yet, despite all this, everyone was so desperate to go away. It was hard to judge whether this was the perfect time to set up a travel business or the worst idea we've ever had!

We were bored of the basic way of booking and the only thank you being an automatic email. We wanted to change the game and bring back the travel agent experience. 

Catherine: "When I travelled to America, I booked via a large British agency and I missed all of their events where I'd meet some of their representatives, receive freebies like an American SIM card and advice on how to travel safely and on a budget. These events were great and incredibly valuable and useful, but the problem was the size of the agency - they didn't even notice I'd slipped through the net and not attended any events, despite them being a 'mandatory' part of the application. 


When I arrived in JFK, New York, alone for the first time ever in my life I had a really bad experience with a taxi, which turned out not to be a taxi and was charged $200 for the journey... Almost all of my cash in hand. My phone bill for the first month was through the roof. It just felt like I'd not been looked after by this agency. 

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